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  • Name : Pernaton Gel
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    PERNATON® Gel contains high-quality glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and purest original Perna extract (green-lipped mussel extract) as well as valuable, physiologically active essential oils. The gel has a pleasant cooling effect immediately upon application. It relaxes the muscles, tendons and joints. PERNATON® Gel is suitable for daily use.

    Who stands to benefit from PERNATON® Gel?

    Helps to maintain joint mobility (e.g. at an advanced age)
    Persons with joint irritation, to support treatment with PERNATON® capsules
    Persons whose joints are exposed to strong mechanical stress (e.g. due to overweight, heavy labour)

    Recommended application

    Massage PERNATON® Gel several times a day into the desired skin areas such as neck, shoulders, back, elbows, arms, knees, legs and feet.



    • Absorbs immediately
    • Pleasant aroma
    • Non-greasy
    • Original Perna extract (green-lipped mussel extract),glycosaminoglycans and physiologically active essential oils.

    PERNATON® Gel is is available in 125 ml and 250 ml tubes.

    Ingredients Effect on the body
    Original Perna extractHas an anabolic effect on the skin, revitalizes the body
    GlycosaminoglycansImprove elasticity, resilience and firmness of the skin, create a pleasant feeling of softness and suppleness
    Essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, citrus oil, mentholInfluence the organism by e.g. stimulating blood circulation
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  • Photo :  Apogen® Children Granules
  • Name : Apogen® Children Granules
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    • Apogen® patent extraction helps to maintain good health and a balance nutrition level in your child.
    • Creates health firewall against flu virus that helps children to flight off flu symptoms.
    • Helps to boost your child's immune system.

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